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Warm-up (No Measure)

2:00 easy row


3 sets:

5 Inchworms

10 Push Press (OH Squat Grip)

5 Prisoner Kang Squats

10 Scorpions


Overhead Squat (5 x 2)

*2 Overhead Squats x 5 sets: Try and Work up to 90% of your 1RM Snatch

*In between sets perform 4 Turkish get-ups on each arm.

*Flow – 2 Overhead Squats + 4 Turkish Get-Ups L + 4 Turkish Get-Ups R (moderate weight)


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Complete 2 Sets:

10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24/20)

500/400 Meter Row

10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs

-rest 3:00 btw. sets-

Target Time each set: sub 5 Minutes

Time cap each set: 7 minutes


What a great way to start your week off right…with two “sprint-y” workouts as I like to say! 🙂


We want quick jumps and commit to not staying on the ground for any rest! Sub 90 seconds for each set of burpee box jump overs is a solid goal!

Row: Start fast and stay fast on these intervals!! sub 1:55/2:10 or faster is a good goal. Try to hang on to a moderate/fast pace. Don’t blow up on the rower but push your pace as much as possible.

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