CrossFit – Mon, Dec 12

Crossfit North Cloud – CrossFit


Warmup (No Measure)

1-2 Sets:

1:00 Row (moderate)

10 Pushups

10 Alt. Leg V-Up

10 Duckwalk Steps

10 Cossack Squats/Side


Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Snatch (5 Sets (Building))

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch High Pull + 2 Snatch @ 65% 1 RM Snatch

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch High Pull + 2 Snatch @ 70% 1 RM Snatch

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch High Pull + 1 Snatch @ 73% 1 RM Snatch

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch High Pull + 1 Snatch @ 75% 1 RM Snatch

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch High Pull + 1 Snatch @ 78-80% 1 RM Snatch


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)


3 Rounds For Time:

8 Front Squats (115/80)

8 Toes-to-Bar

8 Burpee-Over-Bar

-Rest Until Minute 7-

For Time:

24 Burpee-Over-Bar

24 Toes-to-Bar

24 Front Squats (115/80)

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Front Squats (135/95)

10 Toes to Bar

10 Burpee Over Bar

-Rest Until Minute 7-

For Time:

30 Burpee Over Bar

30 Toes to Bar

30 Front Squats (135/95)


Target Time each set: Sub 5 Minutes

Time Cap each set: 6 Minutes


How to Pace: Push yourself and try to hang onto a similar intensity for parts 1 and 2.

How it should Feel: Your legs and shoulders will have nowhere to hidein this one! Stay moving and break minimally as needed.


Front Squats:


Weight selected for today’s workout should be around or under 50% of your 1RM. The goal needs to be unbroken through workout one and maybe, just maybe, unbroken through 2 (2-3 sets maximum). We recommend a loose fingertip grip on the barbell while in the rack position. If needed due to mobility, you can let 1-2 fingers slip out of the front rack to aid in comfort.

Elbows should stay high during the entirety of the lift, and you should think keeping the elbows elevated. Taking a deep breath in at the top and breathing out coming out of the squat will assist with stability and core engagement.

Toes to Bar: For the first workout, the goal needs to be 1-2 sets, while for the second workout fast 3-5’s is a great way to stay on track. Grip on the pull-up bar will be shoulder-width or slightly wider.

Burpee-Over-Bar: Pacing on both workouts should stay moderate and controlled. Stay moving and slow down the last 2-3 reps to allow for a smooth transition to the next station.

“Open Standard:” You do not have to perform a two foot take off or two foot landing, but both feet must be off the floor as the majority of the body passes over the bar.

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