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Warm-up (No Measure)

3:00 Run


2 Rounds:

10 Lateral Box Stepups

10 Hang Muscle Snatch

5 Inchworms

10 Snatch Grip Push Press

10 Kipping Swings


Metcon (Time)

In a team of 2, partitioning reps as desired, complete for time:

100/90/80 calorie ski

80 Box jump-overs (24/20)

60 Handstand push-ups

40 Power snatches (115/80)

20 Synchro chest-to-bar pull-ups

Accessory Work

Bent Over Barbell Row:

4 sets: 10 reps. Increase weight across sets. Works towards moderate/heavy sets.

*Focus: With a double overhand grip, deadlift bar to waist and then lower to a hang position (right above the knees) to start each set. Aim to pull with the elbows (rather than the hands) and bringing the bar to the hips (do not pull high towards the upper abdomen). Focus on getting a strong back contraction with each rep. Minimize the amount of kipping used between reps and feel the stretch in the lats/upper back when lowering the bar back to the hang position with each rep.

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