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Warm-up (No Measure)

Crossover Symmetry Activation


3:00 Easy Row

20 Dumbbell Cuban Press

15 Dumbbell Split Stance RDL (Each Side)

10 Russian Baby Makers

5 Strict Pull Ups


Power Snatch (5 x 3 – Ascending Weight)

*Take 10-12 minutes to complete 5 Sets of 3 Touch N Go Power Snatches.

*Build in weight across all 5 sets to a challenging set of 3.

*After the modified Burgener warmup, complete 2 warmup sets before getting into your 5 working sets.

*You should start your working sets around 70% or 1-RM and build to around 85% by set 5.


Metcon (Time)

Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:

20 Wallballs (20/14)

20/15 Calorie Row
*Go for big sets on the wallballs…unbroken if you can šŸ˜‰

*On the row, start quickly (10 seconds or so) then look to settle in during the middle and relax the last 3-4 pulls to give your legs a couple of seconds to recover before wallballs.

*Target Time: 12 Minutes

Cool Down

3:00 easy bike

1:30 quad smash R/L

2:00 V Sit Stretch

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