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General Warmup #1 (No Measure)

4x :30/:30 Row


Good Morning + Squat x 10

Banded Tricep Pulldown x 10

Banded Monster Walk x 10 steps/direction

Banded Pullaparts x 10 (2 positions)

Clean + Jerk Barbell Warmup (No Measure)

Complete two Rounds of the Complex:

Clean-Grip Romanian Deadlift x 5

Clean High-Pull x 5

Front Squat x 5

Hang Clean + Strict Press x 5

Power Clean + Push Press x 5

Squat Clean + Push or Split Jerk x 5

Round 1: Empty Bar

Round 2: Very Light Weight


Hang Clean (EMOM x 5)

Every 60 seconds, for 5 minutes (5 sets):

Hang Clean x 2 reps @ 65-75% of 1-RM Clean

*Building Weight

Rest 60 seconds, and then…

Every 60 seconds, for 5 minutes (5 sets):

Hang Clean x 1 rep @ 75-85% of 1-RM Clean

*Weight is Across


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Against a 3-minute running clock…

Ski 500/400 Meters

Max Reps of Power Snatch (75/55)

Rest 3 minutes and repeat for a total of THREE sets.
Rx+ = (95/65)

*Record number of snatches completed in each set.

**For larger classes, alternate work/rest periods.

***Stimulus for this workout is 3 minutes of constant work followed by a 3 minute recovery. Your goal should be to ultimately get off the rower and try to go as unbroken as possible on the snatches.

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