CrossFit – Mon, Nov 14

Crossfit North Cloud – CrossFit


Warmup (No Measure)

2-3 Minutes Bike or Jog


2-3 Sets Of:

Front Squat Skill Transfer Exercises

3 No Hand (Zombie) Front Squats

3 2 second Pause Front Squats

3 One and a quarter Front Squats

3 In the Hole Front Squats (last rep is a 10 second negative)

Optional Warmup (No Measure)

Crossover Symmetry Activation


Hip Halo Activation (Banded)

* 10 Side step R/L

* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L

* 10 Glute Bridges

* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L

* 10 Bird Dogs R/L

* 10 Squats


Back Squat (5 x 2 @ 78% 1-RM Back Squat)

Weight is ACROSS. Use these as warmups for your Front Squats.

Front Squat (Build to Today’s 1-RM)

Leave it all out there. Today is a day to test those PR’s!

*Don’t just load up the bar on one set. Take 5-7 sets to test that PR.

**Suggest to start around 80%.


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Complete 2 Sets Of:

2 Rounds

50’ Front Rack Walking Lunge (2x50s/35s)

30 Double-Unders

3 Wall Walks

30 Double-Unders

-Rest 3:00 b/t sets-

Complete 2 Sets Of:

2 Rounds

50’ Front Rack Walking Lunge (2×50/35)

50 Double Unders

50’ Handstand Walk

50 Double Unders

-Rest 3 minutes b/t sets-

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