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Warm-up (No Measure)


Metcon (Time)

With a Partner, complete For Time:

1500/1200 Meter Ski

*Partner Holds Handstand


50 Clean and Jerks (185/125) (split as needed)


1500/1200 Meter Row

*Partner Bear Hug Sandbag Hold (150/100)

Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

3 Sets

10 Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift (Each Leg)

10 Landmine Row (Each Arm)


For Time/Quality:

2-3 Rounds:

20 Abmat Situps

10 Evil Wheels

30 flutter kicks (each side)

10 Standing Pallov Press (each side)

20 KB Front Rack Marches (total steps)

60 sec plank hold

Focus: For KB Front Rack March, rack two moderate to heavy weight KB’s in the front rack position. Keeping yourself as balanced as possible, bring one knee up into a high march position. Avoid leaning back away from the weight and focus on keeping the core engaged throughout.

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