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Warm-up (No Measure)

Crossover Symmetry Activation


2 Rounds:

1 Minute Bike

7 RussianKB Swings

7 Alt. V-Ups (each side)

7 Single Leg RDL’s (each side)

Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

10 Tempo Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press (2 second down/ fast up)

10 Tempo Double Dumbbell Bent Over Row (2 second down/ fast up)

10 Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curls (each side)


Metcon (Time)

Complete 2 Rounds for Time:

800 Meter Run

50 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

50 Abmat Sit Ups (GHDs)
Target time: 20:00

Time cap: 24:00


Stimulus for today is consistent pacing and moderate intensity for a longer duration workout. Our posterior chain will be challenged due to the run and high number of Dumbbell Snatches programmed so push yourself to fight through and keep moving consistently.


Run: Approach the first round with moderate pacing (70-75%) and avoid spiking the heart rate. Once round one is complete then adjust accordingly to keep moving. Think about keeping the hands loose to save grip and relaxing the shoulders down.

Dumbbells: Be ready to begin dumbbell snatches immediately after the run. Switch dumbbell mid air (at eye level or lower) for increased rep speed. Keep that back flat!

We want 2-3 sets at most and focus on explosive hips then levering the back up and down.

Abmat sit ups: These should be completed at a steady pace with the use of fast hands to propel the body up. Standards – touch the ground behind your head and then touch toes (making sure shoulders go past hip crease when sitting up).

*Don’t forget about the dangers of getting “strawberried” on your lower back from scooting around too much during reps.

**Use a butterfly position or a yoga mat to avoid unnecessary friction.

***If you choose to do GHDs, be VERY careful with the HIGH number of reps. They will make you extremely sore.***

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