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Warm-up (No Measure)

Crossover Symmetry Activation

10x Redband Pullaparts


200M Run

15 Cossack Squats (each direction)

10 Double DB/KB Strict Press

5 Inchworms


Metcon (Time)

Complete, for time:

4 rounds:

400m run

40 Air Squats

-Straight into-

3 Rounds

300m Run

30 Push Ups

-Straight into-

2 Rounds

200m Run

20 Strict Pull Ups


*If you have a 20/14 vest, wear it

Target Time: Sub 25 minutes

Time Cap: 35 minutes


This workout is a longer time domain/endurance workout.

Don’t go out too hard, but at a moderate pace and try to maintain that throughout.


Keep the runs at a moderate pace. Shake out the legs/arms each run and focus on maintaining your breath each run.

Aim for unbroken sets on the air squats. Hold a consistent pace and make sure to open the hips at the top of each rep.

Break up the push ups early on this one. Aim for sets of 3-5+ throughout.

Break up the strict pull ups eary. Aiming for 2-3+ reps per set throughout.

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