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Warm-up (No Measure)

Crossover Symmetry Activation


2 Rounds:

200 M. Jog

5 Inchworm

10 Lunge/Elbow to Floor

5 Squat Hold w/Rotation Reach


Deadlift (6 x 6 – Building – (65 – 75%) )

6×6 @ 65-75%

*Build over the course of the six sets within the given range.


Metcon (7 Rounds for time)

7 Sets For Times:

*new set every 2:00*

200m/175m Row

10 Lateral Burpees Over the Rower

Target Time each set: Sub 1:45

Time Cap each set: 2:00


These are quick rounds in a short time window so the row must be a fast pace but not too fast so that you are unable to get off the rower and do burpees.

This is an interval workout that will test not only your sprint ability but long term capacity.

Setting the pace and maintaining is what we are looking for in this workout. Push to hold on!


Row: The row should be fast but not a max effort. Get the fan rolling off the start then settle into a 85-90% effort. Cruise the last few meters to taper down the heart rate before stepping off.

Goal is sub 1:00 on the row.

Lateral Burpee Over the Rower: These should be very smooth and quick. Stay low to the ground and make sure to breathe.

Goal is sub 40 seconds on the burpees.

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