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Warm-up (No Measure)

Static Hang on Rings x 30-60 seconds

Wall Slides x 10 @ 1515

Scapular Pull-Ups x 10

Followed by…

Two Sets:

Dead Bugs x 10

Handstand Hold x 60 seconds

Followed by…

Two Sets:

Row x 60 seconds

Wall Climbs x 2

Toes to Rings x 5-10

Skill Work

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (two sets of each):

Station 1 – 2 Minutes of Rope Climb Skill Practice

(if you’re proficient with rope climbs, work on legless, if you’re proficient with legless, work on L-seated legless rope climbs)

Station 2 – 2 Minutes of Pistol Progressions

(use this time to perfect your ability to balance and move – utilize rig or modifications to work on efficiency/flexibility)

Station 3 – 2 Minutes of Ring/Pull-up/Muscle-Up Skill Practice

(pick a progression to work on the aspect of your pull-up or muscle-up that needs the most work…i.e. linking multiple/etc.)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

One set for max reps:

3 Minutes of Assault Bike

3 Minutes of Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Squat Snatches (50/35)

3 Minutes of Assault Bike

3 Minutes of Ring Dips

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