Rock You Like a Hurricane

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Row 500 M.

Doorway Stretch x 60 seconds

Forward Fold Stretch x 60 seconds


20x Walking Lunge

20x Ring Rows

20x Air Squats


Barbell Warmup:

5x Deadlifts

5x Muscle Clean

5x High Hang Clean

5x Low Hang Clean (Knees)

5x Squat Clean

5x Strict Press

5x Push Press

5x Push or Split Jerk


Clean and Jerk (Heavy 1-Rep)

*Take 12 minutes to build to today’s heavy 1-rep Clean & Jerk.

**You should complete 8 sets to build to your max (all singles). Build in weight across all sets.

***Rep Scheme:

Set 1: 3 Singles

Set 2: 3 Singles

Set 3: 2 Singles

Set 4: 2 Singles

Sets 5 – 8: 1 Single Rep


*If you were not able to make it to the Open Workout on Thursday Night for 20.2, you may choose to complete it instead of today’s MetCon!

Metcon (Time)

Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:

12/8 Calorie Bike

12 Push Press (95/65)

12 Deadlift (95/65)
*15 Minute Time Cap.

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